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She's professional, friendly and such a positive force in this crazy industry!

- Gus Fink


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Hi! My name is Rita. I have two decades of experience in the field of animation. As an Executive Producer and Development Consultant, my forte is helping artists, animation studios, publishers and game companies develop and sell animated television series.

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During the last decade I’ve landed more than 1,200 pitch meetings with network and indie development execs. Of those 1,200 pitches I’ve sold a record 15 shows into development, four of which have come out of development and into production.


This is literally my brain-download on how to develop an animated comedy TV series for kids 6-11 years of age (think: “SpongeBob SquarePants”).


If you want to pitch a show that has real potential for a sale, follow these secret rules.

Seeking Interviewees!


Girl! You Achieved Your Dream!

You're beyond awesome! Now I encourage you to share your story. Big or small, it could be the jump start a girl reader needs to move forward and make something of this crazy adventure called...Life!


Big Dreams, Little Hope - Let's Fix That!


This year I've had the wonderful opportunity to meet dozens of young girls and women with big dreams but little hope that they can, for example, land a job in their chosen career after graduation. Or break through the glass ceiling in the corporate world. Or create a new paradigm without a big crash and burn.


I want to give girls and women a book chock full of personal interviews that not only inspire readers to move forward, but to think out of the typical career/life box with grace, humor and confidence. Because, let's face it, this life really is a beast and we need support to be the brave Wahines we're meant to be.


Your Story Matters! (And Grandma's too!)


So if you have a career or life story you'd like to share (big or small), or you have a sister, daughter, mother or grandmother whose story needs to be heard, I hope you will contact me.

To be interviewed, or suggest an interviewee,

please write or call:


Rita Street




I teach one- and two-day long workshops on the art and business of animation development. These classes train artists, writers, producers and directors how to turn their concept into an animated television pitch with legs.


The workshop includes extensive in-class exercises along with one-on-one time for critiques of class member projects.

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Everyone asks us when we're going to have

Rita back.

- Delna Bhesania, CEO

Bardel Entertainment, Inc.

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Whether you run an animation studio, a game company, a toy company, a publishing house or even a network, I can help you develop and sell your original content. I have worked with producers, company presidents, network execs, even fellow development execs, to provide a fresh, highly experienced, eye.


And, because I’m always out and about meeting with, and pitching to, buyers, I know what developers are looking for. I also have a proven track record for growing properties into brands that sell.

Pre-Pitch Tune-Up

Got a pitch coming up? Want to prep with a pro? Then it’s time for your Pre-Pitch Tune-Up.


Only U.S. $199

• 1-2 pages of coverage, focused on straight forward tune-ups you can make to your property to enhance your pitch and the potential of a sale.


• An hour-long Skype call explaining the coverage in detail and a review of your practice pitch.

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